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Eric Giglione (Coach Gigs), is part owner of  The Giglione Ackerman Life Insurance Agency, under the parent company American Income Life. Besides running a successful business, Eric has a passion for inspiring people through published media and public speaking. He truly finds joy in offering what he’s learned, through years of personal and professional experience, to help others enrich their lives and better themselves.

You might be thinking, "How would someone in insurance be considered a motivational coach?" Well, he isn't just any old salesman. Eric has overcome every obstacle you could think of, from living in the back of a van, to a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, but somehow managed to be one of the top State General Agents in AIL history, writing over $250 million of life insurance.

He inspires thousands of people every day with his book titled "Messages", which is based off his motivational YouTube video series, The Daily Locker Room.

Whether he is discussing the importance of sacrifice, or how you need to love what you do, we know that Coach Gigs will make a positive impact on your life.

The insurance business is how Eric makes a living, but motivating and inspiring others to live their very best life through his Messages is his passion.